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3.02 Challenges and possibilities of the implementation of the policing Code of Ethics

Academic team: Dr Anja Schaefer, Dr Owain Smolović Jones
Policing partners: Police Service of Northern Ireland
Status: Complete


With all UK police forces currently in the process of implementing a new code of ethics, there is an opportunity available to deepen understanding about the possibilities and tensions that the introduction of a code of ethics in a police force generates. The project adopted a qualitative approach to data gathering and analysis, seeking to draw out the stories and accounts of officers who have worked with and under the code of ethics in PSNI.

In adopting a qualitative approach that emphasises the narratives of serving officers, we hoped to draw attention to important identity issues related to ethics and employment in policing that are not adequately covered in the existing evidence base, which largely draws on quantitative studies that seek to measure the impact and internalisation of codes.


Title Outputs type Lead academic Year
Honouring the code? Exploring the ambiguities and antagonisms of ethical identities Paper Schaefer, A 2016
Of ethos, family and bureau: accounts of a code of ethics as symbol of an organisation's political re-legitmation Paper Schaefer, A 2015
Researching policing ethics Presentation Schaefer, A 2015
Bearing the burdens of the bureau: challenges and possibilities for the implementation of policing codes of ethics Presentation Schaefer, A 2015



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