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3.03 Demand management – study of internal demand pressures

Academic team: Dr Paul Walley and Anna Jennison Phillips, Senior Practitioner Fellow (Gloucestershire Constabulary)
Policing partners: Gloucestershire Constabulary, Thames Valley Police, Bedfordshire Police, Hertfordshire Constabulary and Humberside Police
Status: Complete


This project is part of the Centre’s research into ways in which demand can be managed and sustainably reduced.  After an initial scoping study, it was identified that much internal demand is self-generated, partly through not getting things right first time.  The main study investigated a sample of demand at Gloucestershire Constabulary to identify the underlying causes of “failure” or repeat demand.  The outcome was to identify how the adaptation of prioritisation to increase one-touch resolution can help reduce unnecessary demand.



Title Outputs type Lead academic Year
A study of non-urgent demand to identify opportunities for demand reduction Article Walley, P 2018
Service quality in policing: a failure demand perspective Research paper Walley, P 2018
Demand and capacity management within the police service Video Walley, P 2017
Reducing demand by meeting needs effectively Video Jennison-Phillips, A 2017
Demand management in the public sector: developments and issues Conference paper Walley, P 2017
Failure demand themes Project extract Walley, P 2017
Scoping study summary report on demand management Summary report Walley, P 2016
The use of failure demand in police services Literature review Walley, P 2015



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