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Our Ecosystems research investigates the ecology of organisms from microbes to plants and mammals, how they interact with each other, their environment and with people.

We carry out fieldwork in the UK and across the world. We use the excellent facilities of the OU Ecosystems Laboratories for experimental studies and analyses and are pioneering citizen science.

Members of the Ecosystems Research Group have interests in:

We work closely with the Open Science Laboratory, and through citizen science initiatives such as the Floodplain Meadows Partnership and Treezilla.

Yoseph Araya, Ecosystems Research Group Lead

Yoseph Araya

Ecosystems Research Group Point of Contact


Celebrating our new Professor of Ocean Biogeochemistry, Pallavi Anand

We are celebrating another new professor in EEES, following the promotion of Dr Pallavi Anand to Professor of Ocean Biogeochemistry.

22nd July 2024

Celebrating our new Professor of Planetary Mineralogy, Susanne Schwenzer

We are celebrating a new Professor in EEES. Dr Susanne Schwenzer has recently been promoted to Professor of Planetary Mineralogy.

19th July 2024

Supporting students with dyslexia: an academic’s perspective

10% of the population are dyslexic. My name is Dr Anne Jay, and I am dyslexic. Dyslexia brings challenges that have a considerable impact on OU student success. A key struggle for people with dyslexia is written communication.

20th March 2023
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