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Analytical Facilities

The technical team provide an integrated resource supporting researchers across the STEM Faculty. This team has extensive experience of working productively with collaborators and clients globally, offering expertise in analysis of environmental, geological and microbial samples, and state-of-the art facilities.

Our facilities are organised into the following labs: Earth Science; Ecosystems; and Astrobiology. Each of these areas is managed by experienced technical staff.

If you have any questions or want to find out more about our Facilities, please contact one of the lab managers (see below).

Ceri Gwyther, Astrobiology Laboratory Manager

Ceri Gwyther

Astrobiology Laboratory Manager

David Johnson, Earth and Environment Laboratory Manager

David Johnson

Earth and Environment Laboratory Manager

Graham Howell, Ecosystems Laboratory Manager

Graham Howell

Ecosystems Laboratory Manager


Supporting students with dyslexia: an academic’s perspective

10% of the population are dyslexic. My name is Dr Anne Jay, and I am dyslexic. Dyslexia brings challenges that have a considerable impact on OU student success. A key struggle for people with dyslexia is written communication.

20th March 2023

Celebrating Graduation in Manchester

On 22 November Professors Clare Warren, Mark Brandon and Richard Holliman, and Dr Barbara Kunz travelled to Manchester for an OU Graduation Ceremony.

29th November 2022

EEES researcher to lead £800k project to improve global climate change predictions

An EEES researcher is leading a new Natural Environmental Research Council-funded project to improve our ability to predict climate change using cutting-edge analysis of fossilised algae molecules. 

15th November 2022
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