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Hannah Gauci


Impact of introducing new practical and dataset project options to the science undergraduate capstone project module (S390)

  • Hannah GauciJulie RobsonJanette Wallace
  • S390 is the undergraduate science capstone project module.

    April 2021 to June 2023

    Evaluating a new STEM AL induction programme

  • Hannah GauciJanette Wallace
  • Highly Commended at the 5th eSTEeM Scholarship Projects of the Year Awards 2022.

    October 2019 to July 2021

    Summer Series of Journal Clubs: an opportunity to develop employability skills and a sense of community amongst students in secure environments

  • Karen NewFiona MoormanHannah Gauci
  • In keeping with the ethos ‘open to all’, The Open University (OU) has provided higher education opportunities to students in secure environments (SiSE) for over 40 years, currently reaching over 150 secure environments (Open University, 2020).

    June 2019 to January 2021