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Changing times, changing pedagogies

  • Rachel Hilliam
  • Since March 2020, there has been much change in the higher education learning and teaching of the mathematical sciences. With the onset of Covid19, universities have needed to rapidly adapt their to teaching to an online environment.

    April 2022 to May 2024

    Evaluating Statistics anxiety across different qualifications

  • Rachel Hilliam
  • This project addresses findings that were suggested from the evaluation of the project “How one module can serve multiple qualification t

    April 2022 to December 2024

    How one module can serve multiple qualifications through tailored implementation of presentation

  • Carol CalvertRachel Hilliam
  • Students taking qualifications mainly in science, economics and data sciences are now the majority of the students on a second-year undergraduate statistics course.

    March 2020 to November 2021

    The Mathematics and Statistics Community of Learners

  • Rachel Hilliam
  • The Mathematics and Statistics Study Site was created in September 2017 and was one of a number of pilot study sites in the OU. Many of the resources on the site have grown out of smaller scholarship projects.

    May 2019 to December 2020

    Supporting the student’s learning journey through the transition of mathematics and statistics from level 2 to level 3

  • Alison BromleyRachel HilliamGareth WilliamsGaynor ArrowsmithAlex SiddonsSue Pawley
  • Mathematics and Statistics are linear subjects where success at higher levels depends on firm foundations, it is likened to a carpenter who is only capable of making a beautiful piece of furniture once they understand how a hammer and nail work.

    May 2017 to September 2023

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