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OELAssist - Enhancing the Open Engineering Lab (OEL) Student Experience

  • Dhouha KbaierAndrew Mason
  • We propose the development of OELAssist, a comprehensive system designed to revolutionise the student experience within the Open Engineering Lab (OEL) by addressing challenges faced by students during experiments.

    November 2023 to November 2025

    Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on ethnic minority students’ study experience and awarding gap (A case study of Level 1 C&C Open University Modules)

  • Dhouha KbaierSoraya Kouadri MostéfaouiAnnemarie Kane
  • This report explores the broader impact of COVID-19 on the learning experiences and academic performance of ethnic minority students, using Open University (OU) Level 1 Computing modules as a case study.

    October 2021 to September 2023