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Janet Haresnape


Piloting Skills for Biologists sessions for biology students

  • Janet HaresnapeRuth GilbertHeather FraserHanne BownDavid Ruiz
  • This project aims to evaluate a planned programme of events which:

    June 2022 to February 2024

    Skills progression in practical science within the Life Sciences

  • Janet Haresnape
  • Employability is an increasingly important concern in contemporary Higher Education (HE).

    May 2017 to March 2022

    Evaluation of assessed collaborative wiki activity and comparison with similar collaborative online activities in other contexts

  • Janet Haresnape
  • This project centres around an online collaborative activity which was adapted from a face-to-face tutorial activity developed for students on S366 (Evolution).  In the activity, students each provided data, and suggestions about its interpretation, by contributing to a series of wiki pages.  The

    August 2011 to February 2017