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Academic conduct referrals and students from underrepresented groups

  • Jill ShawRehana AwanJim Gillen Mark SlaymakerKatharine Jewitt
  • The project will investigate patterns in the demographics and referral data, and student perceptions for Level 1 students who are referred to the Academic Conduct (AC) Office within C&C. Several research projects (e.g.

    November 2022 to December 2024

    Postgraduate Project Management: evaluation of student employability skills development

  • Kay BromleyJill ShawJoan Jackson
  • M815 Project Management is part of the postgraduate computing programme and can also be studied by MSc students in Technology Management, Environmental Management, Engineering, Systems Thinking in Practice or Space Science and Open MSc/MA. This proposed scholarship project is motivated by tutors’

    December 2022 to September 2024