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Exploring the impact of virtual reality on engagement and accessibility of tutorials for students studying S296

  • Sarah DaniellLorraine WatersKatja Rietdorf
  • With many students opting to defer part way through a presentation and fewer attending live tutorials in Adobe Connect (AC), this project proposes to pilot the introduction of a series of four short (20-30 minute) tutorials using the Mozilla Hubs Virtual Reality (VR) platform on S296, Cell and Mo

    May 2023 to September 2024

    Assessing the impact of skills development through formative assessment on student retention and success in S294

  • Katja RietdorfJane Loughlin
  • This project will investigate the impact on student performance and module results of engagement with specific question types in formative assessment and with resources designed to support skills development. Specifically, we will analyse if:

    September 2021 to May 2022