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Walking Challenge 2023 13th - 17th of March

To join us as we do our part for the environment.

7th March 2023


We have been advised by the Milton Keynes City Council that:"Arriva Milton Keynes are taking part in the fare cap . It applies to all single fares in the City".

Please click the link for more information.

21st February 2023

Walking to Work

There are many health benefits when you walk, not only good for the body; it's great for the mind as well! From the 13th to 17th of March we will be running a walking challenge more information will follow closer to the time. To stay connected and informed please join our travel-advice yammer group.

9th February 2023

'Subscription-based bike hire schemes on a roll'

An interesting article by BBC have a look.

30th January 2023

Electric Vehicle Charging Posts - Cardiff & Nottingham

We are pleased to announce that electric vehicle charging posts have been installed at the Cardiff and Nottingham offices. If you have an EV and wish to use these posts including the Walton Hall and Wellingborough posts, please join the EV Charging Scheme.

More information can be found on the different locations and tabs on the main Travel Advice homepage.

30th January 2023

E-bike Charging Lockers

There has now been e-bike charging lockers installed in the secure bike shed at Geoffrey Crowther with 3-pin plugs (see images below).

Anyone wishing to charge their e-bike batteries at the Walton Hall campus, please use these lockers.

We’d appreciate any feedback from anyone using these, please let us know by emailing

27th January 2023

East Parking car park update

As of Wednesday 1st February East Parking car park at Walton Hall will not be available to Open University staff. The car park is being leased to Red Bull Racing whilst Red Bull construct a multi storey car park at Tilbrook. This agreement supports our University initiative to generate income.

The map below indicates the car park that will be closed, the other East parking areas will remain open.  Any questions regarding the parking please contact Security on Ext 53666

26th January 2023

New roundabout on H9 Groveway is now open

We are pleased to confirm that Milton Keynes Council have advised us that the new roundabout on H9 Groveway is now open from this afternoon, Wednesday 18th January.

Please note that there will be some basic traffic management in place such as lane restrictions, cones and traffic signage on some roads to allow for minor remedial and landscaping works. These restrictions will be removed once all minor works have.been completed, this will be around middle of February 2023.

23rd January 2023

Staff Benefits (all sites)

There was an OU Life news article of additional benefits which are available to OU employees, of which you may not be aware of. One of these benefits is the new Electric Vehicle Scheme with Tusker (through salary sacrifice).

Please follow the link to the OU Life news article for more information.

8th December 2022

E-scooter Signs on Walton Hall Campus

No e-scooters allowed sign

If you haven’t already seen on WH campus, we have installed some signs at some of the entrances/exits showing that e-scooters are not allowed on site. This includes private and rented e-scooters. Specific sign image to the right.

24th November 2022

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