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Understanding Passive Withdrawals on S111

  • Victoria PearsonLinda MooreMaria Velasco-Garcia
  • In every presentation of S111, there has been a percentage of students who remain registered until the end of the module but have had limited or even no engagement with the module content and assessment.  In some cases, they may have never logged on to the VLE at all despite attempts from ALs and

    April 2022 to December 2023

    SiSE only tutor groups and the effect on SiSE students and their tutors

  • Laura AlexanderLinda MooreVictoria Nicholas
  • Normally at the Open University Students in Secure Environments (SiSE) are allocated in small numbers to standard tutor groups to form mixed groups of 20 students, of whom 1 or 2 would typically be SiSE students.

    October 2019 to October 2020

    The impact of live streaming module-wide events in student engagement and motivation

  • Linda MooreMaria Velasco-Garcia
  • Winner of the 4th Best Poster Competition at the 8th eSTEeM Annual Conference, 8-9 May 2019.

    May 2018 to February 2022

    Online tutorial design: can we do better?

  • Linda MooreNicola McIntyre
  • Poor attendance at online synchronous tutorials has been an ongoing problem. One of the aims of the introduction of the group tuition policy was to address this problem by giving students more choice. Based on the evidence seen thus far, this has not resulted in better attendance and it has also

    June 2017 to December 2021