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Evaluation of Assessment and Tuition Changes for S284 Astronomy

  • Mark JonesHelen Fraser
  • Astronomy is a subject area with broad appeal, being a topic of interest both for students intending to specialise in astrophysics and for those who simply wish to know more about our place in the Universe.

    June 2020 to December 2021

    Perceptions, Expectations and Experience of Group Tuition: towards a shared understanding amongst stakeholders (part II: the student perspective)

  • Anne CampbellMark JonesAnne-Marie Gallen
  • Winner of the 6th eSTEeM Scholarship Projects of the Year Awards 2023.

    May 2018 to January 2023

    Online Team Investigations in Science (OTIS)

  • Mark Jones
  • Aims: By taking a comparative approach between three online team investigations in planetary science and astronomy, this project aims to investigate the factors that may be important in determining the effectiveness of such activities.

    October 2017 to December 2021

    Developing practice in online synchronous tuition by peer observation, feedback and reflection

  • Mark Jones
  • An issue in adoption of online synchronous tutorials (such as OU Live) is that training and development tends to focus on technical usage rather than reflection on teaching practice.

    August 2011 to February 2016