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Engaging physics students with the key competencies for sustainability through reflective assessment tasks

  • Martin Braun
  • Recent news on wildfires, flooding and heatwaves illustrates the effect of climate change on humankind. Closely linked is the issue of sustainability, the wise use of resources now so that we and future generations can enjoy a reasonable standard of living.

    November 2023 to September 2025

    What is known about how to write online exams and how to prepare students for them?

  • Martin Braun
  • When the Covid pandemic affected education, universities around the globe had to move not only their content delivery online, but also their assessments.

    April 2022 to December 2022

    Investigating how to enhance the idea generation process by students for their T452 project

  • Martin Braun
  • At the Open University in the UK, final year engineering undergraduates are required to suggest a topic for their project.

    August 2021 to July 2022