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Mathematics support in LHCS

  • Eleanor CrabbNicola McIntyreCath Brown
  • Science students need to develop a level of competence in mathematics to succeed in their studies.  However, Open University students in chemistry, biology and health sciences may well be unaware of the need for mathematical skills prior to embarking on their studies, and given the open entry pol

    June 2024 to December 2026

    How do students use tutorial recordings and which formats are most effective?

  • Cath BrownCatherine OnionsCharlotte Hancox
  • Post-pandemic, students’ live attendance at online tutorials has declined significantly but it is not uncommon to see hundreds of views of recordings.

    June 2024 to June 2027

    A personal tutor scheme to enhance student retention and improve success

  • Victoria BrownCath Brown
  • Student retention and continuation are key drivers for this project.

    May 2023 to May 2025

    Innovation in online student support

  • Cath BrownSue Pawley
  • Due to the increasing popularity of the Data Science degree, MST224 student numbers have increased significantly.  This has resulted in the employment of significant numbers of ALs, and we would like to use the resultant increase in tutorial time to offer innovative tutorials and enhanced student

    May 2023 to November 2024

    Creating a community of support through social activities

  • Sue PawleyCath Brown
  • A number of STEM students find their modules academically demanding; success for such students requires the development of resilience and a growth mindset, as discussed in Johnston-Wilder and Lee (2010.

    October 2021 to September 2023

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