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Understanding the mental health attainment gap in Design modules

  • Nicole LotzMuriel Sippel
  • An analysis of E&I’s attainment gap data (Oct 2019) revealed the priority to address the pass rate gaps for learners with mental health (17.7%) issues, physical disabilities (18.6%) and other disabilities (18.9%).

    November 2020 to January 2023

    Developing a sense of community through cross‐level engagement between staff and students in creative industries subjects

  • Nicole Lotz
  • The overall project set out to pilot and evaluate innovative programme level blended engagement events that aim to create a community of learners across a qualification.

    November 2017 to June 2020

    Are we making progress? Progression through learners’ interaction in OpenStudio across a qualification

  • Nicole Lotz
  • The project set out to better understand how learners in the Design and Innovation Qualification at the Open University progress in OpenStudio as they move through their qualification.

    June 2015 to October 2017