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UK Cycling Associations

British Cycling

British Cycling logo

  • The nation’s largest cycling organisation and the national governing body for cycle sport.
  • Encouraging millions of people to ride their bikes through their recreational programmes, suited to meet individuals preferred form of cycling.
  • Their work is delivered in England across ten regions, Scotland and Wales consisting of regional staff, members, clubs, partners, event organisers and volunteers.

For more information visit British Cycling

Cycling UK

Cycling UK logo

  • Cycling UK encourages people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to be able to cycle safely, easily and enjoyably.
  • Cycling UK offers guidance and advice for beginner cyclists with community clubs to help change and encourage people to cycle.
  • Plan your route or get some inspiration for your routes across the UK.

For more information visit Cycling UK

Audax UK


  • Audax United Kingdom Long Distance Cyclists' Association (Audax UK) is the recognised long-distance cycling club in the UK.
  • The objectives are to encourage, promote, develop and control the sport for non-competitive long-distance cycling.
  • Offer a range of events across the UK with a range of rides from short to very long, you can complete these in a group or solo.

For more information visit Audax UK


IMBA logo

  • The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) is the worldwide leader in mountain bike advocacy.
  • Their mission is to create, enhance and protect great places to ride mountain bikes.
  • There are over 5000 trails built from backyard bike parks to trail adventures.

For more information visit IMBA UK