Charging - OU Visitors

Electric Vehicle Parking Sign

There is one 7KW Chargemaster twin charging post in the Berrill Building visitor's car park that is solely for visitors to the OU to use to charge their electric vehicles. There is also a wall-mounted post at Wellingborough Warehouse. Please contact the Reception desk at Wellingborough.

You can view the charging point and location needed by visiting the Maps of Charging Points

Visitors to the University can charge their electric vehicles but will need to request a charging card (and cable if required excluding Tesla) from the following locations:

  • Berrill Reception
  • Estates Liaison in Geoffrey Crowther Building
  • Security Lodge (on the weekends)

The card / cable will be signed out to the visitor for the duration of the charge and must be returned to one of the above locations at the end of the charging period or when the visitor leaves.

To help us manage the charging slots it would be useful if you could email to let us know the following:-

  • name of the visitor
  • date of arrival
  • the time of arrival
  • the estimated amount of time needed for charging
  • contact telephone number
  • name of the OU staff member hosting the visitor
  • car registration
  • car type

For further information please visit the car parking regulations

For any enquiries about the Electric Vehicle charging facilities contact 

For any enquiries about the University car parking regulations please contact