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Meetings & Presentations

Meeting at the Royal Astronomical Society, 3rd December 2018

  Morning session  
10:30 Dave Clements Welcome
10:40 Peter Roefsema SPICA mission status
11:10 Philippe Andre B-BOP Polarimeter
11:40 Matt Griffin SPICA UK status
12:10 Stafford Withington UK Instrument contributions
  Afternoon session  
14:00 Wayne Holland SPICA and debris disc spectroscopy
14:15 Patrick Cronin-Coltsmann Debris disks
14:45 Luigi Spinoglio Galaxy evolution studies with SPICA
15:00 Dimitra Rigopoulou Gas phase metallicities of dusty IR luminous galaxies with SPICA
15:45 Julie Wardlow SPICA and lensed galaxies: lessons from Herschel     
16:00 Aprajita Verma EELT synergies
16:15 George Bendo ALMA Synergies
16:30 Stephen Serjant SPICA at the highest redshifts

Meeting at the Royal Astronomical Society, 22nd January 2016

  Morning Session Chaired by Stephen Serjeant
10:30 Matt Griffin Introduction & Context
10:40 Peter Roelfsema SPICA and M5
11:00 Takashi Onaka SPICA in Japan
11:20 Matt Griffin UK contributions - overview & SAFARI
11:40 Dave Clements SPICA Science Overview
  Derek Ward-Thompson ISM Physics with SPICA
  Mark Wyatt Debris Disk Science in the M5 SPICA SPFE Proposal
  Mikako Matsuura Dust in supernovae and supernova remnants
  Jane Greaves Deep into the Solar System
  Helen Fraser Ice observations with SPICA
13:10 LUNCH  
  Afternoon Session Chaired by David Clements
  Floris van der Tak SPICA and the ISM: The fuel and exhaust of galaxies
  Cristina Popescu Probing the circumgalactic and intergalactic medium with SPICA
  Izaskun Jimenez-Serra Galactic and Extragalactic Chemistry with SPICA
15:00 TEA  
  Cedric Lacey What might we learn about galaxy formation from SPICA?
  Michal Michalowski First CII/OI observations of a GRB host galaxy and fuelling of star formation
  Carlotta Gruppioni Tracing black hole accretion and star-formation with SED decomposition and IR lines: from local galaxies to the high-z Universe with SPICA
  Matt Page PAH measurements of star formation in AGN hosts at z>1.5
  Mattia Negrello LSS and environment of dusty galaxies with SPICA
16:30 Stafford Withington Detectors
16:45 Matt Griffin Summary and discussion. What are key UK science priorities? How can people get involved? Guaranteed time availability? How to persuade STFC to put money in?
17:00 END  

Meeting at the Royal Astronomical Society, 14th December 2016

  Morning session  
10:30 Dave Clements Welcome
10:40 Matt Griffin SPICA mission status
11:10 Dave Clements SPICA science overview
11:40 Matt Griffin SPICA UK status
12:00 Stafford Withington & Matt Griffin SAFARI technical overview (Matt and Stafford)
  Afternoon session  
13:30 Stephen Serjeant Extragalactic science with SPICA
14:00 Jane Greaves Galactic Science with SPICA
14:30 Mikako Matsuura Exgal1
14:45 Matt Page SPICA and ATHENA
15:00 Ilse de Looze Exgal3
15:45 Mark Wyatt Gal1
16:00 Izaskun Jimenez-Serra  Gal2
16:15 Derek Ward-Thompson Gal3

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