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Political Process 1993-2008

Mozambique Political Process Bulletin 1993-2008 (no. 1-37)

Bulletin 37

Summary report on 2008 local elections

Mozambique local elections November 2008

A daily Bulletin was published during the November 2008 local elections.

Bulletin 36

  • 88% register to vote
  • Short campaign for 19 November election
  • 11 elections to watch
  • Muncipalities vs districts
  • Consultative councils

Bulletin 35

  • CNE shows flexibility
  • Late computers delay registration
  • Donor threat to cut funds
  • 2nd district fund announced

Bulletin 34

  • Provincial elections in rainy season
  • No donor money for election
  • Will CNE respond to Constitutional Council criticism of lack of transparency?
  • Controversy over MT 7 mn district funds


Bulletin 33a (extra edition): Provincial Assemblies

Bulletin 33

  • Debate on election law changes.
  • Proposals fail to deal with Constitutional Council and Observer complaints.
  • Evidence of fraud in 2004 elections.

Bulletin 32

  • Frelimo wins MocĂ­mboa da Praia with record turnout but more misconduct
  • The new government: Winds of change, but no clear direction yet

December 2004 national elections

Bulletin 31: December 2004 national election: Frelimo landslide marred by misconduct

Daily reports on Dec 2004 national elections

During the election period, Bulletins were issued by e-mail almost daily. They are grouped together here.

November 2003 local elections

December 1999 national elections

1998 Municipal elections

1994 National elections

Demobilisation begins

First anniversary of peace accord

Peace at last